Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Makeup Talk & Demo ~ KLIUC 10/09/08

Co-presented a Makeup Talk & Demo @ as part of final project paper on "Corporate Image Building Programme" for final year student of Corp Comm-Managerial Communication of KLIUC. Our thanks the committee for your kind invitation..Given a brief presentation of the do's and don't of 'makeup at work', followed by a simple demo on one of the student, Ms Shy Girl.. Ilani

Makeup Demo
GOSH.. so so SHY.. But, not for long I bet

Next slide pls..

Little talks by Munie, to ease her nerve wrecking moment!

Future, Corp Comm lads who will turn the town RED! ~ The student committee of the project, all the best for the paper girls!

Q&A.. next..
Ilani.. No more Ms Shy Girl.. Full of confident!

Finally, God is the Greatest! Jejak kasih telah berlaku.. My long lost neighbour back at my hometown. All I can remember, she used to be on diapers, playing mercun with us, asking for duit raya during raya..
Wow! You are now 19YO and I am.. never mind.. U go girl! Thanks to Munie for tagging me with you, and sorry dear due to short time for hair-do..

Monday, 8 September 2008

Nurul Shukor Touch Academy ~ A weekend to remember

A couple of months went by, and now coming the blessing month of Ramadhan.. here are 2 fun days of me at Nurul Shukor Touch Academy.. aahhh speechless, undescribeable how fun it was.. enjoyyy..

DAY 1 @ Nurul Shukor Touch Academy

breaking the ice & know your prod, colours n theories..

a dream came true to meet with Nurul Shukor & yep.. she gave us homework tau!

demo by Nurul Shukor.. hai, bertuah la badan jadi model.. sighh..

OHMIGOD.. i bet these are partly, how about in the closet?! sighh again..

Day 2 ~ Practical & Exam Day

my model, my makeup artiste partner.. munie jaggy

oh dear.. u r sooo beautilicious with the "BOTOXiologi" techniques.. ahaks

exciteddd.. my turn, by munie jaggy

finally.. get certified by Nurul Shukor Touch Academy.. WE DID IT!

NURUL SHUKOR TOUCH ACADEMY ~ Class September 2008.. Congratulations!