Sunday, 31 May 2009

Makeup for Studio Photoshoot by SammyKhoo ~ Part 2

well.. dats ME at work!..... my solely contribution destroying the ozone layers!!!!! had too.. sorry nice people, lov u


makeup: By FUZZY @ D'jemari Ku
model: Izuria
wardrobe: By Model's own & SammyKhoo
photographer: By SammyKhoo

Friday, 29 May 2009

Makeup for Studio Photography by SammyKhoo

Sometimes I wonder, how far my "makeup" could go.. I would like to thank a friend who introduced me to this talented photographer ~ Samantha Khoo Sullivan..... Her magic lenses had captured quite awesome shots transpired from an innocent looking Mother of 2, Izuria.. BOLD, so much of CHARACTER, lookin STRONG.. And most importantly, young and fabulous!

Even her raw shots, could help me measure how my makeup is.. The first question I would ask a photographer, "How much editing do you need?".. "Very little".. I would consider that as a HUGE compliment. I dont like editing, not too much.. If its only lighting to play with, what a PLUS! The lenses from a photographer are my "eyes" to work with, to measure with, something that you could hardly see with your own..

Makeup for studio photoshoot is VERY challenging, the EXTREME! The finishing of your makeup must be good, to overcome the studio lighting.. I learn to measure the strenght, the softness of makeup, the lenses will tell you so..

So, "halla" to another new beginning..... xoxo

For more details on what she could offer on photography services, just visit her at her blog, flickr, or even add her at your facebook!

STAY TUNE for more updates to come from SammyKhoo and the makeup by yourstruly me!

makeup: By FUZZY @ D'jemari Ku
model: Izuria
photography: By SammyKhoo

Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Bridal Makeup for Outdoor Photoshoot: D'jemari Ku & AY Photography

A job well done... TQ to AY Photography... Enjoy!!!

makeup: BY FUZZY @ D'jemari Ku
pakaian pengantin, accessories & handbouquet: BY D'jemari Ku
model: nurul
photography: AY photography
location: botanic, putrajaya

Saturday, 9 May 2009

Bridal Makeup for Outdoor Photography ~ Putrajaya

I had so much fun to work and collaborate wit a very young and talented photographer.. A beautiful model in the making and her helpful fwend.. Well done guyz!

Can't wait for the photographer's touch and editing, hereby uploaded a few shots from my very own "can-do lah" CANON PowerShot A470.. A non-edited version from yours truly..

Featuring my precious collection of Songket Tabur for your kind review and selection. Suitable for Majlis Berinai or Reception.. Do call/sms/YM for further inquiry..... Enjoy!


  • Maroon Songket Tabur
  • Deep Purple Songket Tabur
  • Off-white Songket Tabur

these new collection are made available for both Bride & Groom, completes with accesories at a very reasonable rate!

makeup: By FUZZY @ D'jemari Ku

pakaian pengantin, accessories, handbouquet: By D'jemari Ku

model: nurul

photography: By AY Photography

Sunday, 3 May 2009

Bridal Makeup for Engagement ~ Jas, Simpang Renggam, Johor


Depending on my bz bee schedule (exams week!!! n what not).. I need a breather, some get-aways, and I have chosen JB this month.. Beautiful JB, been so so so longgg I didn't 'stop-over' in JB, apart from just passing by and down further south to S'pore.. My last JB was goshhh, dun ask, really been awhile.. Agesss! N'way, job done for Ms Jas for her simple yet sweet engagement gathering.. A few weeks before, she was ok, but came the day.. BREAK-OUT!!! But, lets see what magics are all about..

remember her?...

work it!

... on her engagement day, congrats jas!

Bridal Makeup: by FUZZY @ D'jemari Ku
Veil & Accessories: by D'jemari Ku
Hand bouquet: by D'jemari Ku
.. These are shot by Canon PowerShot A470 :-)