Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Event Makeup 15 Dec 08 ~ Ms Liza Woodgate, Ipoh

An event makeup + hair done for my very dear fren, Ms Liza Woodgate that came all the way from Ipoh, and to attend a VIP wedding in KL

Before & After

Saturday, 13 December 2008

Personal Makeup Lesson

Gurls, you have got it all. Just believe it in yourself.. It is in you, you just need to "flaunt" it. Without any "special effects".. Just crop them up! Practice, practice, PRACTICE n enjoy the colours.. Go vibrant!
Zarina, KL

Ms Teacher, Bukit Jalur N.9. (w/out "before" pix.. oops!)

Friday, 12 December 2008

Photo-shoot Makeup & Event Makeup

A photo shoot? A too good to be true moment.. Photos that have been kept for soooo long n forgotten ;-P

A big thanks to Ms Editor, Mr Photographer, Ms Model & Ms Tuan punya kedai Andaman..


Dinner Makeup for Ms H, Putra Heights

Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Makeup Talk & Demo ~ KLIUC 10/09/08

Co-presented a Makeup Talk & Demo @ as part of final project paper on "Corporate Image Building Programme" for final year student of Corp Comm-Managerial Communication of KLIUC. Our thanks the committee for your kind invitation..Given a brief presentation of the do's and don't of 'makeup at work', followed by a simple demo on one of the student, Ms Shy Girl.. Ilani

Makeup Demo
GOSH.. so so SHY.. But, not for long I bet

Next slide pls..

Little talks by Munie, to ease her nerve wrecking moment!

Future, Corp Comm lads who will turn the town RED! ~ The student committee of the project, all the best for the paper girls!

Q&A.. next..
Ilani.. No more Ms Shy Girl.. Full of confident!

Finally, God is the Greatest! Jejak kasih telah berlaku.. My long lost neighbour back at my hometown. All I can remember, she used to be on diapers, playing mercun with us, asking for duit raya during raya..
Wow! You are now 19YO and I am.. never mind.. U go girl! Thanks to Munie for tagging me with you, and sorry dear due to short time for hair-do..

Monday, 8 September 2008

Nurul Shukor Touch Academy ~ A weekend to remember

A couple of months went by, and now coming the blessing month of Ramadhan.. here are 2 fun days of me at Nurul Shukor Touch Academy.. aahhh speechless, undescribeable how fun it was.. enjoyyy..

DAY 1 @ Nurul Shukor Touch Academy

breaking the ice & know your prod, colours n theories..

a dream came true to meet with Nurul Shukor & yep.. she gave us homework tau!

demo by Nurul Shukor.. hai, bertuah la badan jadi model.. sighh..

OHMIGOD.. i bet these are partly, how about in the closet?! sighh again..

Day 2 ~ Practical & Exam Day

my model, my makeup artiste partner.. munie jaggy

oh dear.. u r sooo beautilicious with the "BOTOXiologi" techniques.. ahaks

exciteddd.. my turn, by munie jaggy

finally.. get certified by Nurul Shukor Touch Academy.. WE DID IT!

NURUL SHUKOR TOUCH ACADEMY ~ Class September 2008.. Congratulations!

Friday, 29 August 2008

Make-over Makeup for Mummy-to-Be

The youngest of our group study, Yus, and she is HEAVY.. Came over to the house for our little study, but end up main mekap-mekap..., but ofcourse, we DID go through some assignments though :-)

Just to cheer her up, despite now she is having quite bad allergies.. poor thing. So, hope this will cheer you up ok!

before ~ very pregnant look

yeay.. dah cenyum banyak dah..

original lashes..

Shot by CANON PowerShot A470

Saturday, 9 August 2008

Bridal Makeup for Wedding (Evening Reception)~Nurul Bukit Jelutong 09.08.08

Finally.. the finale. Thanks to Nurul & Fauzi (ex-boyfren.. husband lah!) for the 3 great sessions. It was my pleasure to assist you, to bold your present beauty.. Fauzi, dun be nawty lagi tau!

Camera woman (Ms Ita) ni memang fit gilerzz.. kejap sini, kejap sana.. memang sah cousin cat woman kot. BTW, "Abah Photographer", one group of multi-talented photographers which consists of Daddy, Hubby and Wifey (cat woman tu!). Ms Ita and Hubby bakal meneruskan perjuangan Daddy nya (must be Abah Photographer la kot..) in the future. Biasa la, graduate bidang lain, keje bidang lain.. diversified! Visit them at http://putreekiwi.fotopages.com/. Thanks for great teamwork for the two days at Nurul's big day! D'jemari is looking forward for future collaboration.. booking you in advance April 2010.. ahaks!

Shot by CANON PowerShot A470 ~ we are getting "acquainted"

Bridal Makeup for Wedding (Berinai Reception)~Nurul Bukit Jelutong 08.08.08

Marathon make-up session.. one after another.. it's ok, the catering foods (kelantan delicacies) were yummies!



Shot by CANON PowerShot A470

Bridal Makeup for Wedding (Solemnization)~Nurul Bkt Jelutong 08.08.08



Young & talented female photographer.. Trust me, the packages are very "welcoming".. pls call for info..

Shot by CANON PowerShot A470..... we are in LOOVVEEE.. auw!