Saturday, 23 February 2008

D'jemari Collection - Batek T'ganu, Kurung & Pareo (Part.2)

The Batek Kurung Pareo is back, so check-it-out! The prices are as always reasonably affordable. However, to those who are really, really, really interested.. do gimme a thinker or YM or SMS. You may never know, there are surely discounts to give away. As long as, everybody are happy :-)))

Top (long) - White @ RM180

Top (long) - Turquoise @ RM180

Top (long) - Deep purple @ RM180

Kurung & Pareo silk - Pink @ RM250

Kurung & Pareo silk - Peachy Pink @ RM250

Kurung & Pareo silk - Red @ RM250

Kurung & Pareo silk - Deep Purple @ RM250

P/S. All consignment will be handled by Poslaju, where charges will be included.. ;-)

Thursday, 21 February 2008

D'jemari Collection - Bridals

To those who may be interested with "baju bersanding" in blue turqoise, gold and creamy white for "baju nikah".. why not try these.. they are in "S" however, alteration could be made accordingly.. extra inches left overs for anyone to try them on.. :-) enjoy.....

for nikah maybe.. creamy white big french lacey and satin, with RICH beadings..

for bersanding maybe.. golden french lacey and satins, with beadings here and there..

again for bersanding maybe.. blue turqoise french lacey with BEAUTIFUL beadings..

Saturday, 16 February 2008

Bridal Makeup for Wedding (Reception) ~ Ayu, Port Dickson 16/2/08

It has always been a good feeling, menjalankan "tugas" dia kampung halaman, Port Dickson. So familiar faces around, obviously, we were too young then and now, years passed by.. Majlis Bertandang ke rumah Pengantin Lelaki, and she is the Bride from Teluk Ramunia (if I am not mistaken, jauh nyerrr!).. Finally the Groom found his "Ratu".. Ayu. She has flawless complexion, sawo matang, smooth operator and ez pz.. She is gorgeous even without the contact lenses.. Simply stunning! Enjoyyy..


shot tepi tingkap - my N95 loves her!.. good shot, even with the blocking from the window.. perfect light!

the pleasure all mine..

Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Let's learn from the PRO

It is good to start of this new year, with some fun and laughter.. small makan-makan, chit-chatting and the most fun that we had was, "Let's learn from the PRO" session. It was 2nd February, somewhere in Tmn Melawati.. It was so fun to share some info, tips with our new circle of friends called the "participants".. who are full of passion, confidence, but most of all to sacrifice their weekend to join us. Thank you and lets enjoy some of the shots!

the "MUST HAVE" tools... goshh!

the "participants".. fresh and full of enthusiasm..

the award goes to "the most cheerful participant!"

sifu @ nizalman the PRO

ohmigod! a long waited to be make-up.. BEFORE & AFTER.. mcm tu la, asik akkak yg kena mekapkan org, iye tak? ahakkss

mission accomplished with flying colors! yeehaaaa!!

ratu-ratu cantik.. you are the winners!

sifu BESAR & sifu junior :-)

rakan seperjuangan.. munie, BIG HUGS!