Saturday, 16 February 2008

Bridal Makeup for Wedding (Reception) ~ Ayu, Port Dickson 16/2/08

It has always been a good feeling, menjalankan "tugas" dia kampung halaman, Port Dickson. So familiar faces around, obviously, we were too young then and now, years passed by.. Majlis Bertandang ke rumah Pengantin Lelaki, and she is the Bride from Teluk Ramunia (if I am not mistaken, jauh nyerrr!).. Finally the Groom found his "Ratu".. Ayu. She has flawless complexion, sawo matang, smooth operator and ez pz.. She is gorgeous even without the contact lenses.. Simply stunning! Enjoyyy..


shot tepi tingkap - my N95 loves her!.. good shot, even with the blocking from the window.. perfect light!

the pleasure all mine..

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