Saturday, 23 February 2008

D'jemari Collection - Batek T'ganu, Kurung & Pareo (Part.2)

The Batek Kurung Pareo is back, so check-it-out! The prices are as always reasonably affordable. However, to those who are really, really, really interested.. do gimme a thinker or YM or SMS. You may never know, there are surely discounts to give away. As long as, everybody are happy :-)))

Top (long) - White @ RM180

Top (long) - Turquoise @ RM180

Top (long) - Deep purple @ RM180

Kurung & Pareo silk - Pink @ RM250

Kurung & Pareo silk - Peachy Pink @ RM250

Kurung & Pareo silk - Red @ RM250

Kurung & Pareo silk - Deep Purple @ RM250

P/S. All consignment will be handled by Poslaju, where charges will be included.. ;-)


emm emm said...

Fuzzy.. any chance of getting the tops in abstract batik ? I'm not so good with florals :)

Calling calling me ok.

emm emm said...

and oh... shhh... my sweetheart doesn't have to know this ... ha ha ha