Saturday, 1 March 2008

Bridal Makeup for Wedding (Solemnization) ~ Melinda Mai, PJ 1/3/08

A collaboration rendered to Adinda Boutique & Bridal (IKANO). Not much to do with the face, she is flawless and so pretty! She would like to have 'a fresh look'.. neutral & extreme simplicity, she doesn't want to look as 'someone else', a lil bit smokey on the eyes, a lil bit shading to contrast to her very fair skin, chinese mix parentage.. No fake lashes?! Got lah.. but, trimmed due to the ever more natural and the look of 'wanita melayu yg terakhir..' :-)


almost there..


melinda mai @ chinese look maya karin :-)

she is everrr ready!

Shot by N95


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