Saturday, 9 August 2008

Bridal Makeup for Wedding (Evening Reception)~Nurul Bukit Jelutong 09.08.08

Finally.. the finale. Thanks to Nurul & Fauzi (ex-boyfren.. husband lah!) for the 3 great sessions. It was my pleasure to assist you, to bold your present beauty.. Fauzi, dun be nawty lagi tau!

Camera woman (Ms Ita) ni memang fit gilerzz.. kejap sini, kejap sana.. memang sah cousin cat woman kot. BTW, "Abah Photographer", one group of multi-talented photographers which consists of Daddy, Hubby and Wifey (cat woman tu!). Ms Ita and Hubby bakal meneruskan perjuangan Daddy nya (must be Abah Photographer la kot..) in the future. Biasa la, graduate bidang lain, keje bidang lain.. diversified! Visit them at Thanks for great teamwork for the two days at Nurul's big day! D'jemari is looking forward for future collaboration.. booking you in advance April 2010.. ahaks!

Shot by CANON PowerShot A470 ~ we are getting "acquainted"

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