Sunday, 3 May 2009

Bridal Makeup for Engagement ~ Jas, Simpang Renggam, Johor


Depending on my bz bee schedule (exams week!!! n what not).. I need a breather, some get-aways, and I have chosen JB this month.. Beautiful JB, been so so so longgg I didn't 'stop-over' in JB, apart from just passing by and down further south to S'pore.. My last JB was goshhh, dun ask, really been awhile.. Agesss! N'way, job done for Ms Jas for her simple yet sweet engagement gathering.. A few weeks before, she was ok, but came the day.. BREAK-OUT!!! But, lets see what magics are all about..

remember her?...

work it!

... on her engagement day, congrats jas!

Bridal Makeup: by FUZZY @ D'jemari Ku
Veil & Accessories: by D'jemari Ku
Hand bouquet: by D'jemari Ku
.. These are shot by Canon PowerShot A470 :-)


bizchic said...

very nice.. lovee the pink color..

Munie Ahmad @ MakeUpAddict said...

yanggg.. I baru dpt tgk ni.. wahh the cheek sgt la the botokss okehh :D really love this one, simple and sweet and kemass.. muahss!

FUZZY said...

bizchic - tq momah!
munie - mari la kita ber-botoxologi ahaks..