Wednesday, 14 October 2009

D'jemari Ku @ Expo Perkahwinan Malaysia 2009

These should be loaded ages ago.. Well......

Our first ever wedding exhibition held at Amcorp Mall PJ. My makeup besties, Nazliman, Munie and myself are so super duper excited.. All these while, we have been dealing with customers over the blogs, and that day was a test.. The result was AWESOME!

Presenting to you "your makeup artist" team..

as we arrived at the booth, our beloved bestie Nazliman memekapkan Munie and Me.. perasaan? excited!!!

lapar.. so, we had breakie first.. sampai we missed the opening ceremony.. nawty nawty kan :-)

our products..... our makeup skills, aminn

we collaborated wit them for the opening 'bersanding'
pernah dengar, tapi tak pernah jumpa.. Readzul in da house!
beautiful songket tabur - yes, its for rental

Fuzzy's & Munie's
kuddos to ALL.. hope to be back!


Hai.... said...

gambar kat header tu memang lawa hitam/puteh pulak tu.
keja mengandam dan ambil gambar kwin ni tak akan habis-habis...
good job...

FUZZY said...

sangat enjoy & melekakan hikhik.. TK sbb sudi singgah ya.. nnti kt link blog abg rahman ya..