Thursday, 29 October 2009

D'jemari Ku @ New Home

Salam.. First of all, thank you/terima kasih for all your support..
I am pleased to announce that 'moi' @ D'jemari Ku will be moving to my new 'home' in N9, starting November onwards.. Nevertheless, dgn semangat ONEMalaysia, ku tetap 'at your service' to serve all you beautiful people from all over ONEMalaysia (ewah!).. Meaning, am simply closer to those in N9, M'ca, Johore.. Areas like Bangi, Kajang, Banting, Sepang, Nilai, Seremban, Pee Dee, Putrajaya, etc no probs at all! So, Klang Valleyans, no worries! oh yeah! Jgn la merajuk, I lov jln2 makan angin, makan2, meeting besties.. Opportunities tuh!
So, keep in touch and stay FABULOUS!

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aj-saudagar-butik-cintaaliahgallery said...

Go Kak Fuzzy...Go Girl !!!